her birthday

A letter 🙂

Hey! that girl born on the 16th of july! 

Wanna thank you for being around for me this few days, when i’m stress up over Dnt and stuff.

asking me to cheer up when i’m stress

asking to me chill out when I’m frustrated over studies

waiting for me to end after school. . .

Two more months okay, two more months and O’s gonna be over 🙂

You must study hard too okay! for u know what.


 I never know what the future brings
But I know you are here with me now
We’ll make it through and I hope
You are the one I share my life with.





Hahas hi guys, life kinda awesome this few weeks..

just a little bit stress over homework and stuff, i gonna go back to  my homework.

“i love O level”

bye 🙂




Wouldn’t be posting so often now, decided to flood myself with work during this holidays to catch up with the rest in my studies. I don’t want regret after that thus i will and i must study hard and give it my best shot 🙂 

So till then readers.


 I came to a conclusion which i think is best for the both of use, since you are like having a hard time making the decision. I’m not sure about it but i think the path is the best for us to take now.




bee 2

Hey Bee (Albee Neo), thanks for trying to cheer me up okay 😀

Don’t worry i will buy a can of honey for you on your birthday!

U Rock Big Time 😀

Jun Gui




I’ve realized that i have grown so much during this period of my life. That special somebody taught me so many things about Love; through simple words or even just a smile, assuring me that she will always be there for me.  Now i know that i don’t need to be always around her because she just needs to know that i’m always there for her. I believe it is sufficient enough. I understand that she needs her own freedom too. Love does not tie one down but is a contract of everylasting care and trust. Love means having someone whom u can trust and hold on to during your toughest, your best, your saddest and your happiest times in life.

My friends who are always by my side, giving me advices, I just wanna let u know that i really appreciate it.

And i thank god that i have each and everyone of you in my life 😀




Chinese Paper was disastrous i totally flung my paper 1 man 😦

Guess i wouldn’t be blogging that often anymore. i need to concentrate on my studies already

Bye Guys

till next time. . .






At least for a day or two i don’t need to stress up my brain.

But due to certain reasons, this shall not be a complete post as promised yesterday..


“You’re Like A Mountain, So Heavy To move. I Really Need A Break…”


Sorry for not blogging for weeks, computer crashed thanks to my brother 😦

At least i can concentrate on mid years, now i realise what a distraction my computer can be.. One last paper tomorrow and it  will mark the end of Mid-year Exams, At least  I did try my best to study and squeeze in every little thing into my brain.

Here comes block-booking, prelims and then O brother.. I think i really need a time machine..

Off to mug for D&T theory paper tomorrow now.

Watch out for the next post 😀



Lately I’ve been thinking a lot, about my future and even about my spiritual life… Although it’s really messed up now, but i know that He will be there to guide me, assure me and support me.

I really hope that i can handle the stress.

1 part of me wanna attend church tomorrow but the other part seems to be pulling me away…